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Opportunity in Indonesia - building a new capital

Jakarta, the biggest city in South-East Asia, is drowning. The capital will be covered in water, resulting from rising sea level and sinking ground under the massive city. In addition, the capital is facing extreme congestion, pollution and overpopulation.

This is an extreme example of the world’s cities’ challenges, but is not exceptional. The solution is unique, though, in its scale and implementation.


Building a city from ground up

Indonesia solves the problem by building a new capital. The massive project is called Nusantara, The Capital City Archipelago. The city is expected to become a sustainable city that will drive the country's economy in the future.

The city is literally built from scratch. The building process was launched in 2022 by ground work in the area of Nusantara, by over 150 000 Indonesian workers. All the actions aim to build a happy capital for happy people. To reach this, Indonesia is looking to create the capital of the future by utilizing advanced Smart City solutions . Now is the time to call for those solutions.

The aim of Nusantara is to be the Happiest City in the world. And Finland, the Happiest Country in the world, is giving aid to make it happen.

Expo House to showcase solutions

The need for solutions is wide, as the whole city is being rebuilt. To scout the suitable solutions and showcase the PoC's, IKN has launched a year long Exhibition House. The Expo House showcases solutions that can be used in building Nusantara. The Expo house will host visitors from the President office, politicians, investors, representatives from other cities and members of the community. This increases inclusivity within stakeholders and broadens the possibilities in the Indonesian markets.

The opening ceremony of the Exhibition House was held on 17th of August 2023, the independence day of Indonesia. The Exhibition is on until the same date on 2024. The Finnish booth includes several companies from SCIC members, and getting on board is possible throughout the year. For more information, please contact CEO Pertti Kortejärvi.

Indonesia as an opportunity

The investment potential in Nusantara Capital is huge, with opportunities in various sectors, including housing, transportation, energy, and tourism. The city is also expected to become a center of innovation, with plans to establish research and development centers and attract technology companies to the city.

Operating party of the project is IKN, Otorita Ibu Kota Nusantara, “The New National Capital City”. IKN is a superhub that combines 6 economic clusters and 2 supporting clusters. The superhub combines the business and public sector, and aims to support the economic growth of Indonesia.

SCIC builds bridges with IKN for Finnish-Indonesian -cooperation, and will sign a MOU to strengthen the strings. This creates opportunities for Members to access Indonesian markets, and beyond to the whole South-East Asia.

If you are interested in taking part of Expo House in Indonesia, or to take part in other activities in Indonesia, please contact Pertti Kortejärvi.

Pertti Kortejärvi


Smart City Innovation Cluster


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