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SCIC operations are Challenge driven. The projects facilitated by SCIC are based on real-life initiatives from cities, organizations, or alliances. These initiatives are called challenges.

What are challenges

Challenges rise from problems that cities and communities are facing globally. Traffic congestion, pollution, and problems posed by climate change to mention a few. And the list is endless. 56% of the World’s population is living in cities, and the number is growing. So is the need for solving cities’ challenges.


SCIC has a unique model l for solving the challenges. It launches by submitting it by a challenge owner. Read below for more about the requirements and the process. 

About challenges

Challenge owner

A challenge owner can be a city, company, organization, a region or alliance. As the owner is the key stakeholder and user of results after the project, the challenge owner has to be a legal entity.


Funding is a crucial part of any successful project. When announcing the challenge, the owner should also state what kind of funding the project gets. A great variety of public and private funding and investment options are available, in which SCIC can facilitate advice but is not applying or control the funding.


A description of the problem and required expertise should be stated when announcing the challenge. The more carefully this is done, the easier it is to find the team of solvers and kick off the project. Does the challenge require understanding of IoT, safety systems, city planning or carbon neutral engineering? Is there also a need for expertise in project management, legislation, community building and circular economy?

Time frame

Estimated time frame states if the project is a long-term project that requires many participants in different parts of the value chain, or short-term testing pilot or proof of concept - or something in between. The time frame allows organizations to estimate the required resources and ability to take part in the project.

Submit a challenge

We actively scout for the most ambitious Smart City challenges from innovative companies and cities. Submit your challenge!

Thank you for submitting a challenge!

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