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Visionary leadership for climate-neutral and smart cities

  • Foresight about global developments policies, economy and technology

  • Strategy and roadmap support for decision-makers

  • Data-driven leadership and monitorig tools for maximum impact


Real-life challenges from innovative cities and companies

  • Real challenges offered by challenge owners

  • Challenge identification and fine-tuning with challenge owner

  • Challenge stakeholder and impact mapping


Business-driven solutions to local needs and global markets

  • Challenges picked up by interested companies

  • Solvers in different roles, only those involved who can and want to contribute

  • Information about target market demands and access channels


Smart City Innovation Cluster Osk

‭+358 44 972 2549‬


Expertise, finance and networks

  • Advisors providing valuable expertise

  • Private investors scanning promising opportunities

  • Partners opening global networks and sales channels

  • Innovative public procurement piloting

  • Business Finland and EU funding advice


Structured co-creation, digital tools

and data resources

  • Connecting challenges, solvers, testbeds and living labs across geographical and sectoral borders

  • Professional fascilitation and structured co-creation process

  • Incubator and accelerator collaboration, pitching events and hackathons

  • Digital self-service tools for effective virtual collaboration

  • Member/partner intranet, ”metadata” about what is where, match-making and finder services

  • Collaboration platform for challenge-solution co-creation process

  • Resource sharing platform for effective use of testbeds and living labs

  • Data sharing platform/ market place


Piloting and scaling in testbeds / living labs

  • Network of testbeds and living labs to develop solutions in real-life environments with customers and users

  • Piloting, PoC’s and scaling to other use cases/ markets through partner tesbeds and living labs

  • Best practise examples and other information from the network

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