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SCIC Vision: solving the global challenges of cities in smart and innovative way

4.4 billion people are living in cities worldwide. Many of them are facing drastic challenges in crowded and polluted environments in their everyday lives. And it’s getting worse with climate change and increasing demographic problems. Unsustainable amount of 60% of CO2 gasses are emitted in cities, and 75% of total energy is consumed in urban areas. 56% of World’s population is living in cities, and the number is growing.

Without solving the existing problems, the situation is unbearable for the society, people and environment. The Cities are calling for solutions. Fast.

Smart City Innovation Cluster Vision

Smart City Innovation Cluster vision is to answer this call. The Smart City Innovation Cluster is a new kind of model to create and scale solutions.

In SCIC’s vision, cities’ challenges are turned into solutions, and citizens’ lives to be healthier, happier and more safe.

The Cluster combines the global challenges with the ones who can solve them. By uniting the most innovative actors in the Smart City sector and establishing co-creation models, the world-changing solutions are possible to create.

World-class solutions through co-creation

Cities’ challenges are complex, and require expertise from many fields. Various organisations hold high-class competence in their fields, but means for fruitful cross-sectoral cooperation are lacking. SCIC creates the platform to pool the resources, and create solutions that change the narrative of the cities.

The network already covers 100 member organizations, and the number is growing. SCIC brings together companies,cities, research organisations and testbeds from Finland and all over the world. The co-creation models are customized and professionally facilitated to suit the needs of each challenge.

In practice, Smart City Innovation Cluster stands for

  • Connecting challenges to solutions and solvers with testbeds and living labs across geographical and sectoral borders.

  • Structured co-creation with digital tools and data resources

  • Professional facilitation and structured co-creation process

  • Incubator and accelerator collaboration, pitching events and hackathons.

The challenges of todays’ cities are enormous, and way too big to be solved alone. Cooperation between the world class actors creates synergy that turns the challenges into solutions.

Join the most innovative cluster of Smart Cities, and make the SCIC vision reality.


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