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SCIC model is designed for co-creating solutions

Smart City Innovation Cluster is an ecosystem working for smart, sustainable and safer cities of tomorrow. It consists of companies, cities, research institutes, universities and authorities, in Finland and around the globe. SCIC operations aim to bring the problem solvers together, facilitate the solution creation process and enable applying and scaling the solutions.

Today’s cities’ challenges are numerous, and they are calling for solutions. The biggest problems are located in the built environment, traffic and energy. In these sectors, there is an alarming demand for decreasing the carbon footprint.

Problems need solvers, but complex solutions require a great variety of expertise from different sectors. The cutting-edge knowledge is found also in Finland, for example in tech solutions, infrastructure and building, just to name a few. But the know-how is spread over multiple companies and organisations. SCIC brings the expertise around one table, to create the world-class Smart City solutions.

New kind of model to create new kind of results

Creating innovative solutions requires new kinds of thinking, and existing models of creating solutions are not effective enough. The growing cities, pollution problems and climate change are calling for more impressive solutions, and faster.

SCIC gathers the existing expertise and solutions of Smart City sector, establishing a platform to create more. Within the SCIC ecosystem, the expertise areas are divided into multiple themes, in order to ease the launching of the facilitation process of each challenge.

SCIC operations are based on real-world challenges. The global network of cities, hubs and Smart City ecosystems enables finding the suitable challenges. Local ecosystems and integrators assist in creating a solution for local needs. Assistance may take the form of living test beds or tools for creating innovation, among others. Read more What SCIC Challenge means.

The unique model is combining the global expertise and the local challenges. SCIC also combines expertise and other resources from different organisations and authorities. Solving the great challenges require cooperation of different parties, from research to companies and cities. Hence, SCIC ecosystem covers the forerunners of all different parties in the Smart City sector.

Network for global scaling

The global network also enables scaling the solutions. By finding corresponding challenges, the solutions may be applied with only a little modification and hence make a bigger impact and create remarkable business opportunities.

The main action of SCIC is to exchange professionals and transfer knowledge. Resulting in Smart City solutions that shape the narrative of tomorrow’s cities.

If your organization is interested in being part of the SCIC ecosystem, apply for the membership or contact CEO Pertti Kortejärvi:

Pertti Kortejärvi


Smart City Innovation Cluster


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