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SCIC’s unique tool for connecting co-creators

A good partner in any project is priceless.

When the competencies complement each other, and the common goal is clear, it seems nearly effortless to work together. Unfortunately, reaching this point is far from easy. Especially when you try to find a collaborator outside your own organization.

SCIC has a tool to make this easier. Expertise Platform gathers all its members across the sectors and maps out the competencies and interests of each organization. Expertise Platform is designed for bringing professionals together and co-creating cutting-edge solutions.

Shortcut to matching collaborators globally

The profiles of each member showcase their competencies and interests. Based on these profiles, SCIC directs its operations in scouting for challenges and developing global partner networks. This is how SCIC ensures its activities serve the members needs.

Expertise Platform makes it more seamless to find needed talent and collaborators in the partner network. Madrid WCC (the cluster for Madrid Nuevo Norte) is currently mapping its member companies’ skills and goals, to be able to optimize Spanish-Finnish collaboration. With the Expertise Platform, extra surveying for mapping these qualities is not needed by SCIC.

Attending Focus and Areal Groups for accelerating exports

Applying and taking part for the Focus and Areal Groups happens at the Expertise Platform. The Groups centralize operations for accelerating exports, and are exclusively available for active members. Read more about Focus and Areal Groups.

To take part in export operations, the company must apply at the Expertise Platform. After joining the Group, the company is part of an inner circle - which means, they can impact on the direction of export operations, and are the first tier of communications about the markets. This increases the chances for a successful market entry drastically.

Applying for the Challenges through Expertise Platform

SCIC operations are Challenge based. It means, each created solution is initiated by an actual challenge, owned by a city, region or a community. Read more about the Challenges.

The new Challenges are announced through Expertise Platform. Also applying for each Challenge happens on the Platform. It is the e-meeting point for co-creators of the solutions. After the team of solvers is created, the team itself decides the communication channels.

Multiple users from one organization

Each company has its own profile. The profile showcases the competencies and interests of the organization at hand. After filling in the organization profile by the invited admin, they can invite additional members from the community to operate on the Platform.

The Expertise Platform collects the forerunners of Smart City field. Therefore, it’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to network with the top tier organisations and their key players.

The Platform gathers 100 forerunner operators in Finland. If You are interested in taking part in it, please contact CEO Pertti Kortejärvi.

Pertti Kortejärvi

CEO Smart City Innovation Cluster


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