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Los Angeles New Green Deal creates opportunities with SCIC

Why should Finnish companies consider business opportunities in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the leader in Environmental Sustainability in the United States, and is now investing heavily to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. In order to achieve this, they launched an ambitious plan called the New Green Deal. It’s a vast set of objectives and policies for various sectors, from infrastructure and green technology to justice and economy.

L.A. is calling for innovative and sustainable city solutions.

Reaching carbon neutrality is a race between big cities around the world, and L.A. attempts to be the forerunner. Other cities in the US are following the actions taken in Los Angeles and California. Companies that succeed with their sustainable solutions in the region, have a highway open for broad US markets - and beyond. For the past 50 years, policies and solutions applied in L.A. have been eagerly adopted by the rest of the country. And abroad, even the EU's regulations for car emissions trace back to Los Angeles’ initiatives.

Finnish companies hold cutting-edge position

The Nordic countries are recognized as leading the way in sustainable solutions. Finnish companies hold a remarkable potential to enter the market, with the cutting-edge competence in tech and Smart City solutions. SCIC supports its members to answer the L.A. 's call for innovations.

Business Finland, Consulate General of Finland support companies to take on the opportunities the New Green Deal creates. Together with these parties, SCIC scouts for suitable challenges and helps in organizing delegations. For optimized results, priority is to match the operations with competencies and capabilities of SCIC members. The better the view of members competencies, the better SCIC can serve its members.

Exceptional opportunity

The New Green Deal is an exceptional opportunity for entering the L.A. and U.S. markets. Since its launch in 2019, The New Green Deal is on track to reach 60% of its ambitious goals. Los Angeles is aiming to achieve the goals. In cooperation creating the solutions is possible. SCIC and Business Finland are bringing parties together to make it happen.

Contact SCIC CEO Pertti Kortejärvi for more information on the cooperation in Los Angeles

Pertti Kortejärvi


Smart City Innovation Cluster


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