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SCIC at Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference

SCIC attended Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference as a partner, exhibitor and seminar organiser. The conference took place on 6th-7th of June at Nokia Arena, and gathered a wide range of companies, cities and research organisations with Smart City competence.

Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference was fruitful in means of encounters and new connections. Great conversations during the days at the expo and conference, new members acquired, and the seminar gathered the right audience to get valuable insights from the speakers.

SCIC: Solvers for Cities' Challenges seminar brought to Nokia Arena's Sky Lounge over 70 participants. Keynote speakers delivered new points of view on the trends and opportunities in global markets in the Smart City field.

Reijo Smolander, Business Finland - Finland as a Service: Enabling Finnish export growth. Reijo explained how Business Finland aims to help customers to understand how Finnish companies as a whole can support solving needs. For example the global challenges of cities’.

Petri Puhakainen, VTT - Cybersecurity and smart cities – a threat or an opportunity? He stated, in his keynote that when ICT services are included, cybersecurity must be involved - always. Increasing connectiveness increases simultaneously cyber risks, which needs to be taken into account in developing smart systems.

Roosa Leino, Ains Group - zoning and developing low carbon built environment. The topic centered on advancing the built environment, and introduced beneficial mechanisms to reduce carbon footprint in the city zoning and development. The keynote explained also factors of urban carbon neutrality.

Mika Aaltonen, Port 2.0 - Brave New World: Future insights of logistics for cities. The keynote foresees the development of cities globally, exponentially concentrating on 33 megacities, and how it impacts global economics.

And a surprise keynote - Peter Vesterbacka, Finest Bay area - Enabling growth through talent mobility. The keynote underlined the mobility and export of knowledge and talents in order to grow, and solve global challenges.

It was pleasant to have such an attentive and numerous audience at the first open-for-all event by SCIC. The seminar and the following discussions were insightful in both ways.

Pertti Kortejärvi, CEO, of Smart City Innovation Cluster comments event as follows:

− Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference brought us many new, great contacts. From our point of view, the key players in the industry were present at the event. We were able to promote our cooperation models, link actors to each other, and activate our members – genuinely do our core work. The event was very successful, we were able to network and create networks! We will definitely attend next time as well in June 2024.

The next SCIC event will be at Wasa Future Festival on 7.-12. August 2023.

SCIC organises also a SLUSH side event on the 30th of November.

Save the dates and see you there!


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