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Madrid offers unique opportunities with SCIC

Madrid has been acknowledged as one of the most prominent areas of urban development in Europe. The city is a leader in engineering, construction and architecture, and Madrid is investing to hold the grounds. Vast regeneration projects of the districts are under progress, being the largest of their kind in Europe. SCIC is finding synergies in cooperation with the administrative association, Madrid World Capital in Construction (MWCC).

MWCC is the association bringing together 160 public and private entities. Madrid knows that to achieve the ambitious goals and solve the biggest challenges, it requires wide cross-sector and border cooperation. SCIC is working for this.

Europe’s largest projects located in Madrid

The most notable project of Madrid is Nuevo Norte, covering a 3 km² area of train yard in the north of the city. It’s been dividing the city for over 50 years, and now MWCC is working to change its narrative. With mobility, security and services, it will improve the lives of citizens and increase the attractiveness of Madrid. The total investment for the development of Madrid Nuevo Norte is 11.1 B€.

This is a unique opportunity to create innovations. A proper R&D playground for creating cutting edge solutions.

It’s the most significant urban transformation project that Spain’s capital city will undergo, aiming for a more efficient and sustainable Madrid. This is just one example of projects that MWCC is working on. Another example is Valdebebas, where Real Madrid training grounds are located. A considerable amount of housing for 40,000 citizens requires regeneration.

A city model is designed through participative processes that take citizens’ different needs into account. made it possible to listen to citizens and understand their different needs and ways of using their city.

Notable opportunities for cooperation

Investing heavily in regenerating districts and creating smart solutions for its citizens, Madrid is aiming to be the World Capital in Construction, Engineering and Architecture. For this they are investing also in creating synergies with their partners.

SCIC pools challenges from MWCC and its wide networks, to match the offering of SCIC members. MWCC can offer a testbed for solutions created by SCIC members, among other practicalities.

Madrid is the 3rd most populous city in Europe. It offers a great testbed for solutions needed with a great number of citizens. As Madrid is among the 10 European regions with the highest GDP per capita, the resources for developing solutions may be easier.

With more than 18m² of green areas per inhabitant, 172 parks and gardens and more than 225,000 trees planted, Madrid is the second city in the world in green spaces.

The last call the get on the 1st wave

Building of Nuevo Norte is estimated to launch by the end of 2023. To be among the first ones to develop the area, now is the time!

Madrid and its huge regenerative projects are calling for solvers. Madrid offers a unique real-world R&D playground to develop innovations, with means to scale them globally.

To get more information on opportunities in Madrid, contact SCIC CEO Pertti Kortejärvi:

Pertti Kortejärvi


Smart City Innovation Cluster


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