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SCIC participates the leading Smart City event in Japan

How to create a resilient city that is safe and secure? One that is decarbonized and circular, convenient, and rich in culture and entertainment? These are questions City-Tech Tokyo is asking, and gathering together the ones who can give the answer.

City-Tech Tokyo is the leading Smart City event in Japan, and it gathers together the forerunners in the field. Smart City Innovation Cluster takes part in the event, taking place on February 27-28. With the focus on creating solutions for sustainable cities, City-Tech Tokyo is the ideal match for the SCIC agenda.

With an estimated 300 booths, and 10,000 participants from 100 cities in 30 countries, City-TechTokyo ranks as one of the largest Smart City events in the world. With the versatile program, high quality seminars and exhibitions, the event aims at overcoming global urban issues. For the visitors, the event aims to create opportunities for innovation, collaboration and investment.

SCIC members VTT and EnterEspoo in the delegation

The whole Finnish delegation consists from a variety of innovative organizations and companies. The SCIC representation is strong together with VTT and EnterEspoo. Together with the SCIC, the aim is to create value for the whole Cluster through creating connections and scouting opportunities.

Main objectives are creating value for the members

SCIC’s main function is to look for opportunities and boost the competences of its members. This frames the main objective for the participation in the event. In the City-Tech Tokyo, SCIC aims to create fruitful connections and look for challenges for its members. Knowing the latest insights on the field helps in fulfilling the core function: facilitating co-creation processes for world-class solutions.

The visitors of City-Tech cover a wide range of cities, public organizations and companies around the world. They all have in common the high level competence and drive for success. With the focus on innovation and startups, the event gathers the most ambitious solution creators - and the ones looking for solutions.

Global networks enable the best opportunities

The world class competencies that SCIC members hold, can be realized and scaled through global networks. Whether it’s in finding suitable challenges, testlabs or scaling the solutions, the wide networks play a crucial role. To enable this, SCIC works for creating connections widely in the Smart City sector. In City-Tech Tokyo, together with the high-end research organization VTT and EnterEspoo from the leading innovation city of Espoo.

This is just a start. Stay tuned for more news on what is coming.

If you want to get in touch with SCIC regarding the City-Tech or other cause, contact the CEO Pertti Kortejärvi:

Pertti Kortejärvi


Smart City Innovation Cluster


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