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SCIC: Solvers for Cities’ Challenges

Tampere Smart City Expo and Conference

Nokia Arena, Sky Lounge, 6th floor 6th of June, 2 pm-4 pm,

Join the seminar to learn about opportunities and trends in the global Smart City field, and how SCIC helps Finnish organisations to co-create and export change-making solutions.

Kustaa Valtonen, Chairman of the board opens the event. Pertti Kortejärvi, the CEO, briefs how SCIC's co-creation model is built for accelerating business and innovation.

Voice and Personal Brainer Reidar Wasenius is moderating the seminar. Keynotes cover the latest trends and opportunities in the Smart City field:

The potential to export Finnish solutions and cutting-edge expertise is introduced by Reijo Smolander from Business Finland. Finland-as-a-service highlights the possibilities of exporting expertise and solutions in a way that answers the demands of the global markets.

Cyber-Security has increasing demand along with the expanding Smart City field, on which Petri Puhakainen from VTT gives insights. Puhakainen is the Cybersecurity Lead at VTT, and discusses on the talk if cybersecurity is a threat or an opportunity.

Roosa Leino from AINS Group tells the latest development in sustainable built environments. The built environment generates 40% of annual global CO2 emissions. AINS Group is the forerunner in developing low-carbon solutions and services.

Global logistics is facing major changes, of which Mika Aaltonen will give the most important insights for cities. Aaltonen is a co-founder of PORT 2.0, and wrote a white paper on the opportunities of change in transportation: Brave New World: Transformations in Transport, and the Consequences They Entail.

The event is open for all, so join to learn about opportunities and latest trends.

Share the word, and take your teammates and partners with you - growth and change are created together!


14:00 Opening remarks,

Kustaa Valtonen, Chairman of the board


Smart City Innovation Cluster; working glove for business and innovation

Pertti Kortejärvi, Chief Executive Officer


Finland as a Service

Reijo Smolander, Program Director, senior advisor, Business Finland


Cybersecurity and smart cities – a threat or an opportunity?

Petri Puhakainen, Lead, Cyber-security, VTT


Zoning and developing low carbon built environment

Roosa Leino, Low-Carbon & Cost Specialist, AINS Group


Brave New World: Future insights of logistics for cities

Mika Aaltonen, Co-founder PORT 2.0 & Chairman Sustainable Nation Group


Closing words and networking until 16:00


Nokia Arena, Sky Lounge, 6th floor

Free registration


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