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Pertti Kortejärvi



Visionary leadership for climate-neutral and smart cities

  • Foresight about global developments policies, economy and technology

  • Strategy and roadmap support for decision-makers

  • Data-driven leadership and monitorig tools for maximum impact


Real-life challenges from innovative cities and companies

  • Real challenges offered by challenge owners

  • Challenge identification and fine-tuning with challenge owner

  • Challenge stakeholder and impact mapping


Business-driven solutions to local needs and global markets

  • Challenges picked up by interested companies

  • Solvers in different roles, only those involved who can and want to contribute

  • Information about target market demands and access channels


Smart City Innovation Cluster Osk

‭+358 44 972 2549‬


Expertise, finance and networks

  • Advisors providing valuable expertise

  • Private investors scanning promising opportunities

  • Partners opening global networks and sales channels

  • Innovative public procurement piloting

  • Business Finland and EU funding advice


Structured co-creation, digital tools

and data resources

  • Connecting challenges, solvers, testbeds and living labs across geographical and sectoral borders

  • Professional fascilitation and structured co-creation process

  • Incubator and accelerator collaboration, pitching events and hackathons

  • Digital self-service tools for effective virtual collaboration

  • Member/partner intranet, ”metadata” about what is where, match-making and finder services

  • Collaboration platform for challenge-solution co-creation process

  • Resource sharing platform for effective use of testbeds and living labs

  • Data sharing platform/ market place


Piloting and scaling in testbeds / living labs

  • Network of testbeds and living labs to develop solutions in real-life environments with customers and users

  • Piloting, PoC’s and scaling to other use cases/ markets through partner tesbeds and living labs

  • Best practise examples and other information from the network

My name is Pertti Kortejärvi, and I am

A father of two teenage boys.

I am also an expert in risk management and safety development and have performed various tasks in the safety field for 25 years. My tasks vary from development tasks concerning the whole field to constructing individual subject matter entities, in both short development projects and others running for several years. I work in tight co-operation with safety and security experts, companies, authorities, and organizations, and networking and co-operation skills are my special strengths.

I have led several collaboration and development projects, and therefore project planning, management and leadership have become strong fields of competence for me. I am also very good at grasping vast entities and new things. I am curious by nature and always willing to learn something new.

In my work, I set clear objectives and also plan the work accordingly in collaboration with different operators. I also grasp organization’s operational objectives and draft safety development plans in such a way that they will support and facilitate the achievement of the organization’s primary function.

When implementing development measures, my strong competence and experience in education helps me in working with different personnel groups and implementing the results in daily work.

During my free time, I like to keep fit by walking my dog and coach junior football team.


Pertti Kortejärvi


‭+358 44 972 2549‬


Smart City Innovation Cluster


2022 -

PK Safety and Rescue Services Oy


2016 -

Finnish Mine Safety Advisory Board

Executive Secretary

2011 -

Pyhäsalmi Cooperation Cluster



And more


Doctoral Student

UEF Welma

2021 -

Specialist in competence-based qualifications

Oulu University of Applied Sciences


Teacher education

Oulu University of Applied Sciences


Safety training programme and Bachelor of Business Administration

Laurea University of Applied Sciences Espoo

2001 - 2003

Physical therapy

Oulu University of Applied Sciences

1999 - 2001

Strong suits

Project planning










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